Thursday, November 3, 2011

{now presenting mr. and mrs.}

I am back and all the wedding planning, unpacking and preparing are behind me and I am happily married and settling in to my new life. I had a lot of advice going into this wedding. Don't do this, do this, don't do that, you'll regret that. And honestly, there isn't anything I didn't do or did or regretted doing that day. It was perfect. And when I say perfect, it really was and thanks to all the people involved and all the great planning that hubby and I did for a good five months beforehand, it went without a hitch. :-)

I will have a full wedding story and pictures coming soon... I'm just reprogramming my brain housing group and also looking at others way to reprogram this blog to fit my new outlook and my new adventures. Look forward to upcoming awesomeness!



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