Friday, June 3, 2011

{long time no speak'um}

Whew. I've been a busy, busy girl. Meetings, things to do, people to see. Summer. Kind of. Yeah... it's not quite summer here yet. Heck, it's not even quite spring yet. Well, okay you could argue that MAYBE but if you lived here like I do you would say that it wasn't until last week that the leaves on the trees really made their entrance. I know right? Just awful. Then put yourself in my shoes. That's kinda miserable right? No spring... summer? Ahhh... whenever it decides to show up. So here I am. Complaining I guess. At least it's not 97 degrees like it's been in part of the south. Now that would be just plain icky! YUCK!

So off I go to head home and spend the evening outside in the sticky damp cold air and sell raffle tickets for a sporting/fishing event. Yay!

Happy Friday!


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