Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{i'm daft}

Okay, confession. Yes, I am bringing work home and yes, I work through my lunch breaks at work. You are right Papa Stephen. I am daft.

On to other events... have you ever been amazed as I have that when you go to a popular change store in search of a killer pair of jeans that the jeans you want are hanging on the manican instead and NOwhere to be found? How annoying... then when you check the model out (you know, the size?) and you discover that it IS your size, well then how are you going to get it off her. Not fun. In any case.... that is what happened here, until I dug a bit deeper and discovered a lonely pair all by iteself ready for me to slap down nearly $60! =(
Ever find yourself in a situation where the outfit your dying to wear in no longer in stock or perhaps no longer made? Hate that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em
Love the jeans although look like they have been worn or should I say worn out Could be you also if you continue to work work work and dont have some play play play
Have a fab day

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