Saturday, December 4, 2010

{frosty the snow man}

{Isn'y Frosty handsome? I love his top hat}

I love snow and I love even more the simple things you can make with it. A snow man for expample. Although I don't know what was at all simple about the snow people I made as a little girl. They had outfits, personalities, and friends. Animal friends. =) Usually configured out of pine branches, pine needles, acorns, things laying around the barn and around the house too (you know, those things you don't think your mom will miss around the house, hee hee). So today I was reminded of that while the snow fell softly around me driving around town and listening to all the Salvation Army jinglers and seeing little kids in all their little hats and mittens.

{Little glass blown bear from my little Christmas tree =) }

I was a very imaginitive little child and used to think that all my little stuffed animals including the barn animals would come to life the moment I stepped out of the room. I used to dream up the conversations they would have and the conversations I would have with them if I had had the chance. Actually, now that I look back I think it made me very aware of the importance of taking care of my furry, feathery or for that matter wooly friends. They were all so special and unique to me. All having different personalities and stories. So many of our animals were orphaned and lucky enough to make it to our house. They were all little Orphan Annies to me and I loved them each with an undying love. So it made no difference to me that Frosty every year had the possibility to dance and sing in our yard any more then a chicken could talk. LOL! Children. =)

What are some of your memories as a child with pets that YOU had? Did you have any imaginary pets?

{A snowy neighborhood down our road}


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