Thursday, December 2, 2010

{all dressed up}

Do you ever happen upon blogs like I do and find yourself drooling over their ideas and wishing that you had thought of them first? Well, this is one such designer/blogger. Lisa Leonard has made quite an impression on me and I absolutely love her simple yet very intricate detailing in her daily life and jewelry business. But these were the two things that really had me hopping with ideas. DUH! Love it.... do you have any favorite bloggers that you would like to share that make you just shake your head? Well, hats off to Lisa! Cheers!

Lovely vintage-like blown bulbs wreath!

Joy at your feet.... so clever!

Have a happy creative day!


Jack said...

I have sooo many blogs that I love, that I made a Delicious account and I bookmark them on that. That way I can share my latest blog loves with everyone who visits my blog.

Thanks for share you link loves with us. I'm going to check them out now.

Hope your week is going well ♥


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