Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{foodies. musings. whatnots}

Mmmm... I am on a food kick these last few days, or maybe more so the photographs that they come in. But here... check this out. Whimsy and Spice on Etsy can send you your Christmas treats... num. Gosh, makes me want to get more creative in how I bake around at my house.

But I found these couple of links today and just had to share. I love pop-up books. Especially the kind that are out of plain white paper that just jump out at you from the page and tell a story, on their own. So sweet and simple and vintage. =) Su Blackwell is amazing! WOW!

Oh and while you are at it take a peak at Heather's punched cards. When I was really bored one day I actually did this myself. I had some white cardstock and I ended up bending a paper clip into a puncher and punched away. I had fun making little hearts and smiley faces and flowers. Who knew you could make money doing it though. Sheesh... see, drives me NUTS! Why didn't I think of that first. I am waiting around for my first people. One of these days, Emme is going to come up with a FIRST!

Oh and for all those Grobanites out there... he's got a new one!!! YAY!

Enjoy your day! =)


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