Friday, September 3, 2010

{happy friday}

It's been a while, I've noticed since I've actually posted a "happy Friday". I am going out of town this weekend with my coworker Shannon and heading down to Alexandria, Minnesota to hang out with her and her mom on the lake (which lake? I have no idea yet). So excited. I haven't taken vacation from work since Christmas. Okay, I get that it really isn't a vacation from work. Because that would mean actually taking off days that aren't already free. But still I am leaving, and so tonight I get to pack my little bags and head on out. YAY!

What plans do you have for the weekend? Anything fun that you have been looking forward too? I am really looking forward to a swim in the lake, farmer's markets, walks, amazing food (both of these women are FABULOUS cooks) and playing with Sylvie and Harry (Shannon's little Pekingese puppers). I'm so looking forward to capturing the personalities of these two on camera.

So four and a half hours away I will go to seek solace for my weary work drained brain. Which, in my respectful opinion is due for some really good Shannon laughs. Yay for US!

Have a safe and happy Holiday weekend everyone! Check in with you on Tuesday =)


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