Friday, September 10, 2010

{happy friday part 2}

Still wishing I was here... it was dreamy.....

Rolling soybean fields right across the dirt road from Grandma Susan's lake home.

Lovely trees along the edge of the drive.

And far off into the distance, more blue sky. =)

Alexandria was a real treat and I made a few new friends too:

Sylvie and Harry (Shannon's babies)



and her big brother Ed... although Ed is not pictured. Turkey. =) Doesn't Lily look like a little doe? I so wish I could get a profile picure of her. She literally has a permanent grin on her face. All the time. And, she is so cuddly and cozy. Ed was a sweet little lap dog too. I miss them both terribly. =)

French Peach Pie. I peeled up all the lovely peaches. Mmmm.

And look at this fantastic French Peach pie? Would I make you terribly jealous if I told you I had it for breakfast? I know... I'm a baddy. =)

And... Grandma Susan, my coworkers' mom lives on East Crooked Lake. Look at the lovely choppy waves, ummm... surrounded by poisen ivy. Yep. The stuff grows rampant all over the place. I even got a little itchy myself. Scary.

Cattails along the shore.

Crashing waves and swimming willows.

The wind was really stirring up as you can see here!

Thank you Shannon for such a wonderful time in Alexandria. For the laughs and also for the good food. Mmmm... I think I'm still full. =) Lol!


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