Sunday, April 25, 2010

{rolling my eyes}

I noticed that I am rolling my eyes alot. ALOT. I never used to. So it bothers me to think of where it started in the first place. The only thing I do remember, quite alarmingly so is my mother saying, "If I ever catch you rolling your eyes at me you are going to get it." She meant it too. So I wonder if now I am making up for all the lack of eye rolling that I didn't get a chance to do when I was a young teenager. Even though I wasn't a kid to roll my eyes anyway, I used to imagine that it might just be fun to see what might happen if I did. Beware of the eye rolling kid! But thank goodness I didn't start. So you are probably asking yourself, "So what the heck does she want to roll her eyes about anyway?" Okay, since you asked, even if you didn't, here is a list. Yes, there is a list. =)

1. My toast burning in the toaster.
2. Burning my forehead with my curling iron. OUCH!
3. Being consistantly cut off by rude drivers. It has happened every day this week!
4. Waking up with a nasty headache. Is it allergies? Dehydration? Neck tension? Still don't know why.
5. Dog hair stuck to my winter wool coat like velcro. I've become a master picker-offer!
6. One of the sisters is NOT putting toilet paper back on the roll after it is used up. They both say they don't know why.
7. Washing the kitchen floor, then someone agrees that it would be a perfect time to make spaghetti.
8. Crusty toothpaste on the end of the tube because someone forgets to put the cap back on.
9. Watching deer eat our cedar trees in plain view. I swear they looked like they were smiling. Load, aim, FIRE!
10. Listening to the radio and noticing that they are replaying all the music that they played earlier in the morning.

Okay, so after you have gotten a list of ten things that are making me roll my eyes today, I must say I feel so much better letting myself share this tiny tidbit of my feelings with you. So what is up with me anyway? I have chocked it up to a pure and simple theory. Spring fever. Although I don't know what it is that is so springy about Duluth this last month. One day it is seventy degrees the next it is 33 degrees and frost advisories are being sent out. Nuts. Although it is nice to see that the snow is gone, it is really brown. We haven't had any rain for a good long while and it seems from the look of it like everything is getting a little crispy if you know what I mean.

Case in point. I was in the St. Cloud the other day for a wedding shower for my best friend. It is green there. Really green. Neon almost. But blast, they are warmer and get a ton more rain then we do. Heck, it poured the entire day there. The further North we drove the browner and muddier the colors got. So I think I made my case. I'm suffering from cabin fever/spring fever. A rather nasty combination for a healthy Midwest girl to have to handle. Oh well, ENOUGH complaining. I've got it better then fresh cream on Sunday. So there!


Jack said...

Everything on that list of yours is "eye roll" worthy. Roll your eyes this week... suck your teeth next ;)

We are just starting to see little bits of green here and there so I'm feeling hopeful that spring really is coming along.

Hang in there,

Callie said...

Well, it is either eye rolling, foot stomping, or bad/silly words. Or, I have at times combined eye rolling with foot stomping while yelling out, "Sugar!" when push came to shove. Great post!

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