Monday, March 8, 2010

{Happy Birthday Papa Stephen!}

So it is Papa Stephen's birthday today! Happy Birthday Papa Stephen!!!! YAY!

So Mother dear made it to London, safe and sound. Whew... thank God. Honestly, even though I know she is in better hands then mine it still is a worry to know that she is flying over a huge ocean for many hours. But she is loving it! She is in Lemington which is on the North Eastern shore of England. She loves it. Absolutely loves it. I am so happy for her. Imagine romping around the Cotswalds for eleven days. I know, it makes me sick too. Now here I am, stuck home with two, twenty somethings who are on spring break and they are driving me CRAZY! PLEASE HELP! Come on now.... really someone has to have some ideas on how to entertain two girls. They are into everything but nothing at the same time. Hm. Oh well, so it is and so it goes. I'm going to go and eat some popcorn. Oh and enjoy some chocolate chip peanut butter cookies that Elisha made. Hmmmm..... nummy!


Emily, Laura, Ashley


Callie said...

Popcorn sounds like a great idea!
Glad your Mom is safe and having a wonderful time.
How about if your girls entertain you! That should keep them busy. And they could make you dinner too!

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