Monday, February 8, 2010

{monday monday ...}

...when really what I want to say is "mayday mayday!" Gosh... just please, PLEASE slow down people. Is it necessary to absolutely work yourself up silly over a stupid piece of paper?! I think not. Or maybe I don't understand the importance of "papers". Gosh. Who knows. All I do know, is that there were more than a few people who came by my desk today and asked me if it was Friday yet. Yep. It was kind of that bad today.

Mom arrived in town safe and sound from spending two weeks in Florida. I went and picked her up today and despite the chill in the air and oh yes, another snow storm on the way, we are in pretty good shape. Apparently she got me a little something too. Something that I just know all of you will just love for me to share with you when I get the chance to go home and take a picture of it. Mmmmm.... its going to be LOVELY! =)


Jack said...

Presents from away are the best! Can't wait to see what goodies you got :)

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