Saturday, January 23, 2010

{my home-sweet-home}

Home. There is nothing that quite captures what home means to us. A refuge, family, comfort, a safe place, love. I have been very fortunate because that is exactly what my home has been for me.

Growing up on the farm and later in the city, my home was filled with happy laughter, mouth watering smells wafting from the kitchen and warm nights next to the fire, reading old classics aided by the dancing light.

Tonight, another winter storm is upon us, throwing its furry into our faces in the way of icy snow. Love those bewildering snow storms. Love listening to the wind whistle through the trees, and love even more nestling deep down under the covers of down and wooly comfort. Makes me smile and makes my heart warm with the thought that morning brings opportunities for snow angels and deep, dark hot chocolate. Do you like yours with cream? I do, and to make it extra special add just a dash of nutmeg and there you have it. Comfort in the palm of your hands. Mmmmm..... =)

So what makes this night different from the rest? This night takes me back to reminiscing about my childhood and legendary snowstorms spent under the covers as we listened to blizzard warnings on our hand cranked radio, sipped homemade rootbeer out of vintage bottles from the cellar and popped popcorn to celebrate the approaching storm. Then and there we would listen to stories about Shackleton's adventures in the arctic. What would it have been like to survive a blizzard in the arctic? Nearly starve to death and try to live off the skills of primitive hunting practises? Sends shivers up my spine and excitment through my being. To live under such conditions and experience such an adventure! How wonderful would it be?! Quite. Call me crazy.... =)


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