Tuesday, October 13, 2009

{oh yeah!}

So this is really fun. So my sister, the photographer, is also a very talented soon to be Dental Hygenist. So today in my spare time, because I always have SO MUCH time, hahaha, sat down in her little unit chair and had impressions done for whitening trays. She is soooo cute too! All dressed up in her scrubs, lab coat, eye gear and mask. Hey, and don't forget those really cool purple surgical gloves. Oh yeah... those are killers. She looks like she has Barney hands. Hahahh! (I am sure she would really like to hear that. But we won't tell her that will we. NO!). So any way, there I am in the chair as she asks me all these medical questions. "Are you allergic to any medications?(no)  Are you pregnant? (BIG NO) Do you have heart disease? (Nope). So on and on the questions go. You know how it goes. New patient, new papers. Yep... so that over.

Then the next step is soooo exhilerating you know. Oh yeah. Really exciting. So I get a fancy bib, "So you don't drool all over yourself." THANKS! Then a few hand wipes, "Because this is going to be really sticky." Oh yay! Then she starts looking for a mouth plate that fits my mouth. She came back with a gigantic one and when I say gigantic it was HUGE. I mean major, mucho, hugo, you-are-going-to-choke-me-if-you-put-that-in-my-mouth huge. So she is trying to force this thing in my mouth while I am freaking out because it is like tooo bIg! We are laughing so hard. "I thought your mouth was bigger than this actually. I didn't know it was so small." Am I supposed to take that as a compliment? Is she saying I have a big mouth! Okay... really. You are hurting my feelings! (dialogue taking place in my head). So She finds one that ACTUALLY fits my mouth, thank you very much, and starts the pouring and mixing of the pink goop. Then it is, "Lean back so I can get this IN THERE." Seriously. I almost choked. I mean I really kind of almost choked. Sheesh. Suppressed memories from my braces days flooded back to me. "I am going to die. This very bad lady with pink goop is coming after me and I am going to choke from it." Yeah... so that is what it was like. But thankfully, it only took fifteen minutes and it took the first time. So the next time you hear from me, I will have sparkling white teeth. I know... maybe I don't really need whitening. But hey right now, when you are facing, okay what am I facing? I don't know. Making up words.  So that was my day. Anyone else have a day like mine? NOPE I bet you didn't. LOL!


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