Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{Hello Papa Stephen!}

This blog post is a special one going out to my Papa in Scotland. I can't quite explain to you all how wonderful it has been knowing how much fun my Mother has been having in Scotland and the Caribbean. She will miss you so!

So update for Papa Stephen:

I am back at work today and feeling much better. What a horrible thing to have the flu. It nearly knocked me off my feet and I hate feeling that way. There are a few people at work that are really sick right now too and at home recooperating. I am just glad that I don't have a fever anymore!

The weather is really cold here and alot of the leaves on the trees have changed color too. They look so lovely and guess what Papa Stephen? They say it is going to snow this weekend. SNOW! Can you imagine it? Well, it is definitely cold enough so I am sure it will. It was actually sunny for the first time this morning since being cacooned in a shadow of mist and fog for the past week. Love mist and fog, just not every day all day.

School is going very well too! I only have three more weeks of this term before I start Fall number two, starting on November 2nd. I only have 71 days of school left until I graduate! I am so excited! No more school for me. Well, not for a while yet anyway. =)

Love you so much!

Talk to you soon!



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