Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{midnight musings}

It is often I find myself extremely poetic during the evening. Quite like this one, where so many wonderful thoughts are running through my mind that I can't stop to close my eyes and dream, because I am, with my eyes wide open! How wonderful they are too.... like this one...

"Ask the stars how I dream
and they will explain to you my life
through the milky way
come on you lovely twinklers
come and gather round as I tell you tales from
the milky way
flowing with milk and honey

Oh how sweet
what a delight
that under tongue and cheek
my life is so sweet

Don't break my slumbering mind oh heavens!
let the whims of my heart be ever present
I cannot believe my eyes how they twinkle back
smiling as they do, it makes me quake

Sing oh heart a millenium of springs
springs which flow from a harvest of tears
don't despair oh dear heart!
heavens bounty shapes its strong purpose in the hearts of the meek and mild

Oh sleep... dear sleep...
wrap me in the arms of sweet supression
cool blankets, stiff with fresh air, wrap and stretch around every part of me
don't believe what you hear
the symphony of crickets only tell the truth

Fireflies... tens of millions of them, light up the world around me
sweet and simple swimming gaily on winds of chance
is it by chance that I hug the evening
enveloping you in every breath?

Please don't be far off
sleep, dear sleep...
sleep... just sleep."

See, that is why I can't sleep..... LOL! It is constant, sweet and it makes me smile. But honestly, I really need to sleep. Really.... any help here? =)
Photo courtesy of Alicia Bock Photography


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