Monday, September 28, 2009

{it feels like snow}

The wind was incredible last night. Wooing and cheering the heart and mind. It kept me up, huddled in my warm wool comforter, looking out a window that was beginning to frost over with delicate carvings of frosty tales. It feels like snow. Like a perfect storm is headed our way. Gale force wind advisories are out for the Lake and the wind carried me lightly to the doorstep of work this morning. Dark. Foreboding sky. Like something to be unleashed on all the sleepy inhabitants in a gorge of safe tranquility. The clouds roll, plummet, and swim in heavy currents above you as you shield your face from any flying objects. Pine tree needles fly like needles through the air pinning themselves into soft ripe petals of late summer blooms. It feels like snow....

Yesterday, the Little Women and myself enjoyed a wonderful time in Two Harbors. An old mining town, it stands about 40 minutes north of Duluth on Highway 61 on the North Shore's Scenic Highway. The drive was relaxing and calming and the company? Well, who couldn't love my sisters. All chatty and excited over having a lunch at Culvers and a walk on the pier. The wind too was very blustery and we held on to each other as we walked bravely down the gang plank to the edge, to peer over and look into the emerald blue water. The smoke chimneys from the nearby mill blew with half an hour intervals alerting workers of shift changes. There was even a scuba diver beneath the choppy waves geered up for the icy water. It was splendid and it all went so quickly. Another great start to the week. LOVE Sundays.... =)

Space shot of Lake Superior


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