Wednesday, September 16, 2009

{hello to Scotland}

Daily Letters to Scotland:

"Yes, Hello Stephen and Mum!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to hear your voices and know that you are safe and enjoying your time together!

We woke up with a coolness in the air that was unlike any that we have had in a while. Everything was a little frost too. But the little nuthatches were chirping alongside the chickadees so everyone is happy.

Laura is having lunch at Olive Garden with her school chaps and I am picking up Ashley today for work at 2:30. Totally forgot about a meeting I had today so she was a little erked that I had to pick her up earlier but I think she will be fine about it. LOL!

The sun is finally shining now though. Nothing like having the warmth of it on your face when you go out the door. Fall is really here though it is nice knowing that summer is carrying on into this lovely time and that we can hope for a warmer winter.

Lucy is smiling today! Ashley just told me when I got on the phone with her. She must be feeling pretty nice after having some of her medicine.

Well, better go. Love you both so much! Have fun and enjoy every moment! Keep in touch!"

Emily =)


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