Friday, September 18, 2009

{Hello to Barbados}

Good Morning!~

Just wanted to send along my thanks again Stephen for a most lovely bunch of flowers. I sent you a picture message of them to your cell phone but I don't know if it actually got to you. Thank you for thinking of me. It meant the world!

Ashley woke up with a sore throat this morning. We have three confirmed cases of H1N1 on campus and they are installing hand wipe sanitizers in the hall ways, bathrooms, and kitchens. I took your advice Mum and decided not to get involved in all the hallabaloo about it, but it is kind of hard when she looks at you with those "eyes". LOL!

Laura is thrilled because she is just an assistant today to another student so she doesn't have to do any work. She starts her new workstudy job with the Dental office today and she is excited. I am excited for her as well.

I had a wonderful night at class, you know the one I missed last week. The teacher is AWESOME and I will be learning all kinds of cool stuff about organizational behavior. No tests in the class either which is another really great plus. Just papers... book reports actually, every week and then a final paper at the end of class. My topic is going to be on leadership responsibility in organizational change in our financial istitutions today. You should have seen his face. I thought he might faint. Apparently it is a topic that he never considered coming out of an undergrad student. But I am going to blow him away. Can't wait! LOL!

The weather is still gorgeous. We are definitely experiencing a nice Indian Summer which everyone is not complaining about. Link is upset that he has to start wearing long sleeves again on his uniform. Goofy man. We all just roll our eyes, of course. Let's not even get him on that topic, right? LOL!

I got a really sweet message on my FB from Kelly today. It reads:

"I am right with you my beautiful friend. It is pedal to the metal now until Christmas. But then the world better be ready! I think some trips to Moorehead are in order. Hmm two engineers and two giggly girls. Do you have snow shoes?"

Yes, well I can't wait for that. Sounds like a wonderful time, don't you think?

Well, I love you both and happy Friday!

Minnie =)


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