Friday, August 7, 2009

{Hell's Angels in Duluth}

Even though this is a hair bit on the verge of being old news... I still thought that it honored mentioning that the Hell's Angels were in town last week for their yearly motorcycle rally. So here comes a story that I am sure you will enjoy hearing. So I am driving on one of the city roads in town with my sisters in the car. Mom of course is in Scotland enjoying the heaths and heathers and Stephens company (stinker) while us girls are here. So while I'm tootling along, really... it was tootling along, there comes a Harley right up behind me. And, I am going to be completely honest, this guy was pretty cool looking. Very streamlined and not at all what you would consider a Hell's Angels follower to look like. Well, that is until he passed me in a huff because I was going 35 in a 30 zone and he wanted to go 40. Well, when he passed us that is when my mouth dropped. Sure enough, he had a leather jacket on with the skull and angel emblem on it. Wow! Amazing and I felt like I had just spotted a celebrity. So, you can just imagine what I was talking about for like a whole week, yep, the Hell's Angels. That and many other coworkers as well who saw them in town being razzed by law enforcement. Hey talk about commotion though. With Black Hawk Helicopters circling overhead for a week and also all kinds of interesting stories about confiscating paraphernalia and other illegal things. Makes for living in a rather quiet neck of the woods really fun. Well, from a distance anyway. Hahaha!


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