Monday, June 22, 2009

{pouring rain}

Yep, pouring rain. I mean gushes, like you think to yourself, "Where the heck could all of this be coming from?" Forgot my jacket and an umbrella today so I had to run in (gallop) into work. Made it into the office in a sopping mess. Hair wet, outfit wet. Yep, not a pretty picture. Yet... the rain was so warm and delicious. I would have loved to stay out and danced in it. What lovely little drops of rain. Reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would spend all day out in that rainy goodness. In my little water boots splish splashing around like a duck. It was the best of times. Now, I have to be an adult about it and forget that I love rainy days. Most people around here cringe at the sight of rain. Maybe it's because when it starts to rain it never leaves. It can rain a whole week here before it lets up. But I love it. The more the merrier. Shhhhh!


♥Simply Seductive said...

First time visit to this blog... well worth it!

All the best,

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