Monday, May 18, 2009

{withered blades of green}

With the lack of rain in these parts lately, the little green blades of grass in our yard have started to get that sucked up kind of appearance. The air is dry and cool but there is no sign of any rain for at least a week now. Everyone fears fires and with water conservation still an issue in the Great Lakes Region no one dares turn on a hose. Our spring has been exceptionally cool with snow on Friday and evening lows in the higher 20's. Everyone who was too eager to buy their first spring plants ended up having to either dig them out of the frosty ground and place them back in their little containers or line their garage or barn with helpless little plants eager for the warm rays of sun. This has been one of the poorest springs we have had a few years.

Historically, we can predict that with this last winter being so bitter we could look forward to a squelching summer, although all hope of that is spittering like a wet leak in a hot pan. Hopefully with the rain will bring some renewed hope, strength, and wishes for a summer that is nearly here.


A "cheery" disposition said...

Cute blog! Love this picture.

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