Tuesday, May 12, 2009

{when your happy and you know it clap your hands}

Happy day! I don't know what makes it particularly happy but I am happy and it feels so good. The sun is shining (kind of) and the air is warmer (45 degrees) and summer is much closer then winter is so that is something to be happy about. That and I am planning for my best friends wedding at the end of August. I can't even tell you the last time I went to a wedding. Oh, wait I went to one two years ago but I was forced to go and even though they hired a band I was the only one who ended up dancing, me and my sister. And it wasn't your normal DJ. It was a polka band, with an accordian player. Growing up with a Grandmother who was very close to her German roots, she always pulled out her accordian for special events. Well so I think I am the only one, along with my sisters who know how to polka. Corny I know. But then again I love corny and simplicity. Talk about gettting the strange looks that night. But this August wedding is going to be a life changing event! I can't wait to go!

Updates: I still can't get my scanner to work. I think it has officially hit the dust. All my polaroid pictures are languishing in a dark drawer waiting to see the light of the scanner again. Shoot. Well, until I can find the extra moola for a new or even used scanner, pictures are going to be nill.

Some link love for you today:

{}Lori Andrews has great compositions. I always want to be her.(picture above is hers)

{}You can listen to free sweet music all day long if you wish, just take your pick.

{}Baby Cary is three! Yay!


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