Friday, May 1, 2009

{polaroid film for sale} SOLD!

Hello all you happy little Polaroid snappers out there! This will make your hearts flutter!

I have 16 boxes of 60 second processing, 699 polaroid film. Each box contains two packs of 16 exposures each. They are all dated as of 09/96. If you are interested in purchasing the whole lot let me know. They have been kept in a cool dark place for the last couple of weeks, since some young person said that they didn't even know what a polaroid camera was which gave me the fright of my life. You can only imagine! They have been stored in a back room for a few years (well since 96 anyway). Every box is in absolutely perfect condition with no dings or bangs. They look perfectly new. Just let me know and I would be more than happy to ship them to you!

SOLD!! Thank you for all your interest!


shannon said...

hi i am interested in your polaroid films but i live in canada!

Elehuia said...

Hi Im not sure if I am too late but I am very interested! I found my old polaroid and Im looking for a good deal on film! Please let me know if you still selling

M. Kaiser said...

I am actually searching all over for polaroid film for a camera I bought today. Is this film still for sale?

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