Thursday, February 19, 2009


I know this will all make you giggle so I thought I would let you in on my very interesting day yesterday. So I really needed to get some new blouses and because Kohls was having some huge sales it was a logical stop to make in my shopping trip. As I was wheeling around in my very obnoxious looking cart (why do they make carts that you can't prop your purse into?) anyway... I digress.... So while I was wheeling around I passed this older gentleman and his wife and as she was talking very loud at him (telling him her two cents) he was following along behind her clipping his finger nails one by one with a fingernail clipper. These things were flying everywhere and one even hit me as I passed him! I had to run around a corner really fast because I was going to burst out laughing. Oh my goodness! I guess it was God's way of keeping it light. I really do not enjoy clothes shopping and hate it even more when I have to be shopping with alot of other women who in their attempt to get the best of the wears become fantastic at cart rage and I just happen to be always in their way and end up leaving with at least one bump or scrape to prove it. Giggle. Life is good!


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