Tuesday, February 3, 2009

{remembering paul bunyan}

on our farm we had the most beautiful white pines that i think have ever graced the face of the earth. one of them was so tall that i called him paul bunyan only because he was one of a very few left that survived the logging era of the iron range. he stood stately against every storm and often provided solace for a girl who sometimes felt misunderstood. i stumbled upon this picture today by alicia bock and their was so much familiarity in the image of what the late winter days were like on the farm that i just had to post it. having 90 acres to roam and adventure around could be sometimes a little scary if i took the wrong turn. but i could always see paul above everything else and i knew i was safe. in fact, the whole town could see paul from where he stood proudly in our back yard, skirting the white face river. funny how sometimes little things like that still bring happy sighs to your heart. i have more stories of paul and pictures to come in the near future. as soon as i get them scanned.
Photo Courtesy of Alicia Bock.


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