Thursday, February 5, 2009

{my hearts delight}

martha stewart quilled cards have got to be one of the best projects i've done in a while. i did these last year and they turned out so lovely. they have quilling kits that you can get that are quite inexpensive but i just used a thick quilt pin to wrap the paper around. when my mother went to the grenadines to visit her family she brought back some of the loveliest paper i have ever seen. it was aqua and it had strips of gold, silver, and copper in it. i used it alongside the light pink and it turned out quite dreamy.


Quilling with Whimsiquills said...

I would love to see the paper with the gold running through it, we have paper with gold edges and metallic papers, but this sounds like something new and beautiful. We have lots of free quilling patterns and ideas on my web site . .and you are right you can roll the paper with just your fingers or use a pin, toothpick, or one of the many slotted or needle tools.

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