Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Morning Update

Oh what a beautiful weekend we had! The falling snow was splendid! Like falling diamonds from the sky. Living up as far north as we are, absolutely has its benefits. I will have pictures for you tomorrow on my beautiful lighted tree too draped in lovely cotton candy snow.
The Celtic Christmas concert (here) was just lovely. Harps were played, lovely voices sang, and everyone smiled and was pleased. Driving was a little something different. I consider myself a seasoned winter driver now. Gosh who isn't who lives here. Duh.... Anyway, I had my two younger sisters screaming and squeeling as we slipped and slided around corners. Even though I was being very careful (who really wants to end up in a snow bank?) I wanted to give them a little bit of the dramatics. You have to with the first real snow!
Mom was in New York for the weekend and enjoyed all the sites. She saw a broadway show, the Empire State Building, and visited Times Square.
I went to Church this Saturday night like I always do for their 7 pm service. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and worship and on the way home I was blessed enough to catch the falling of a beautiful star! My heart couldn't believe it! I haven't seen a genuine falling star since I was a young teen! Any way it was a magical weekend! Oh, have a also mentioned that I'm in a choir?! Yeah... add that to my list to do! Work full time, check. Attend undergraduate classes full time, check. Advise two Bible studies during the week, check. Sing in a choir, check. Yeah... sometimes I think I'm nuts too. But I must say in all honesty that I have never felt more like I could handle it in my entire life. I love my life right now. It is moving, it is taking shape, and I am living it. That is what matters most. I am living it! Good Morning Everyone!


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