Monday, November 24, 2008

Cold, swinging in the air, and Blessed!

The Parade on Friday night was like a dream come true! I alone must have handed out about fifty cups of hot chocolate! I walked up and down Superior street for about 45 minutes before we all ran out and got to stand and watch the parade. I always enjoy watching the highschool and college marching bands. Everyone sings along and the real spirit of Christmas just seeps into everyone and everything. It was chilly though. Whew! Thank God for my Mukluks, or my little toesies would have been blocks of ice. If you have suffered from cold feet every winter, stop right now and buy these! I have never had cold feet since. They are as light as a slipper but as warm as having your foot wrapped in a hand warmer. Pure delight! Anyone living in the Northland, as this area where we lived is called, knows what I am talking about. You just can't live without them! If you have ever watched Iron Will you will get the idea. That is Minnesota for yah! Actually, the last scene of the movie where they are all cheering on the incoming teams, the building in the background, that is the old Central High School building and was filmed right downtown in Duluth!

On Saturday I came for the Festival of Trees! It is one of Duluth's largest craft and bake sale extravaganza! We pushed our way through sardine-like quarters, through tons of crazy crafting women! I know, I must be nuts! I bought the most beautiful Princess Pine wreath I have ever seen, $38! I bought a lovely pair of woolen mittens with finger flaps for $15 from a lady knitter in Ecaudor. You could still see the little pieces of grass and stuff stuck in the wool. They are so warm and lovely! We ate a lovely lunch, and us sisters had a caricature done of us. If I have enough guts I might post the picture. MIGHT!
Sunday was warm and overcast with a slight mist in the air. I unwound over three hundred miniture lights, propped up the tallest latter we had, and climbed and climbed and climbed. I only started screaming until I got to the way top, that is 25 feet high! The wind started blowing and I became one with the tree, blowing in the wind with it. My sister was standing on a latter by the house clipping hanging lights from the gutters. She swung her head around to catch me clinging to the tree for dear life! Throwing back her head in gut busting laughter (little stinker). I am a little dramatic so I guess she couldn't help herself. But I did it! By gosh, I did it girls (pictures coming soon)! Well that is until I ran out of lights. So I have about seven feet left of tree to do which I will be finishing on Thursday morning so that I can turn it on Thursday night. My gosh! Who would have thought that I would have stayed the pioneer girl! Hanging from trees, stacking wood piles, wrapping 25, 12 foot trees with burlap, raking two acres of leaves, and cooking a huge Thanksgiving meal! My life couldn't be more blessed!


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