Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Friday!

Another Friday is almost gone! Halleluiah! The weekend is ahead and I should add, "New, with no mistakes in it, " as Anne Shirley would sometimes say. My first two weeks into finishing my bachelors degree have gone quite smoothly. I am in an accelerated degree program where I take classes two night a week for four hours. I have a full time class load and I work full time during the day so this was my only option. I am really enjoying my subjects. I have Principles of Managment and Financial Accounting right now. My next quarter starts on October 23rd! I have mid terms in two weeks! Wow! If I continue at this rate, I will graduate with my BA in Management and minor in Marketing before Christmas of 2009! That is incredible! Sorry, too many exclamation points. I love exclamation points. People that don't know me when I write them an e-mail consider it as screaming but really it is my only way of expressing how excited I am without plastering the page with a whole bunch of smiley faces, which if you aren't aware is completely unprofessional, so I'm told. Oh, whatever! Live life! So I'm rambling... another one of my faults. Oh my poor heart! (...oh bother......)


Linn said...

the reminder of a favorite anne shirley quote made me smile. have a great weekend.

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