Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Eats and Even Greater Sites!

Sea World was unbelievable! I mean who can top Sea World? I had never been before in my life so I looked on with child-like glee as Shamu flew through the air, baby dophlins beeped and sqeaked in their little nursery and sea lions clapped their flippers. It was breath taking, all of it. I could definitely recommend it to anyone. What I also loved so much about all of it was that there were so many people from so many different areas of the world. Austrailians, Germans, Chinese, French, Polish, Americans from all over the fify states and on and on. It was a complete mess of people and I loved it. People are so beautiful aren't they? I mean we are all so different but perfect in our own way. Wonderful!
We ate at one of the coolest restaurants that I have ever gone to in my life. It was called the Sharks Underwater Grill in Sea Worlds Shark Encounter. There you could eat surrounded by a tank full of sharks! It was fantastic! The menu undeniably offered the best food and the atmosphere was electric.

The next day we had some down home cookin at the Cracker Barrel Museum and Restaurant. It was fabulous! I had their absolutely awesome Chicken and dumplings. Talk about dumplings to praise to the high heavens. They are excellent and definitely stick-to-your-ribs, which I love so it was perfect. I would come again to Orlando just to have them again.
The next day we enjoyed alot of time relaxing which was so nice. First time in my life with my cell phone off and my scheduler left at home. No appointments, no agendas, no worries. Whew.... kind of takes your breath away. Sunday was the best because we were able to check out one of the big churches in the area. It was the biggest church I have ever been in. It could seat easily over two thousand people! Imagine that! Two thousand. That is just the most unbelievable thing to me. We enjoyed wonderful praise and worship and a message that made the hairs on the back of my head stand up. It was great!
Wednesday night we enjoyed another fantastic evening of food at the Bahama Breeze Restaurant. Again, I couldn't recommend a restuarant more. It was the most fantastic food. I had such a horribly hard time picking out something to eat because all of it came so highly recommened and it was wonderful! Mouthwatering and delicious do not even compare to what it all was like. Num, num, num!
Thursday night we went to the highly acclaimed Arabian Nights Dinner Theater. Here we sat in stadium seating while eating our meals and watching an Arabian Horse show that was utterly stunning. It was a fairy tale story that broke out over two hours with music, dancing, prancing and racing of horses and even dessert at the end! Anyone in the area should check it out. I would caution you to bring a warm sweater. The building is kept cool for the performers and so I was a little chilly. It is a family friendly venue and I saw many families with their young children in tow. They even had a magic show in the beginning where they turned rose petals into flying butterflies. Classic!
Our last two days were spent just mosying around. Friday night we again ate out at the Bahama Breeze. Again no complaints.
Us girls aren't that great in the navigation area so we didn't figure out there being such a difference in where we were located in Kissimmee to the ocean. Well it was a little further out of our comfort zone so we decided to do that maybe next year instead. The ocean is one of the most beautiful sites of Florida that you can see but it was fifty minutes out of our way and trying to drive on very busy four lane highways was an absolute turn off so we decided otherwise. We had a lovely home though to stay in so it made it so worth staying in doors for a few hours when the sun or rain became to much. I actually was able to naps during the day which is totally unlike me. It was wonderful!
So there you go! That was my trip. How are all of you out there? I missed you guys.
Linn, thanks for the comments on the last post. Yes, I am an Anne Shirley wanna be. She was my teen idol when I was a young girl (whatever that means!). I was so in love with Gilbert Blythe. I think I actually still am! I loved reading when I was younger too and enjoyed all of the classics. Charles Dickens was one of my favorite authors as well as the Little House on the Prairie series with Laura Ingalls and her sisters in the Big Woods and Little Women. Thanks Linn! You definitely are a kindred spirit!


Linn said...

Sounds like a great trip! You know what's sad? I live an hour from Sea World here and have only been once in recent years, but yes, it was really fun. Since my sister's moving to San Diego in a few weeks, we'll probably be visiting it more often nowadays. Sounds like your favorite books and mine overlap completely. The only love of mine you missed was Jane Austen. Although I'm sure you love her too. If you don't, you should! Welcome home!

Emily said...

How could I forget Jane Austen! Oh my gosh! I must have been my head pounding from my cold that I caught from the plane ride. Jane Austen is my favorite!

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