Thursday, June 12, 2008

Safe and Sound

Big thunderstorm last night. Actually it didn't hit until I was well asleep in my cozies dreaming of real springtime when it hit. Boy was it a blast! Lightening and thunder and ... wind ... oh my! The rain overflowed over the gutters it was pouring so hard. Today it is really dark and foggy and cold. It is supposed to rain off and on all the rest of this week and hopefully dry up Saturday afternoon with some much wanted sunshine. Honestly, I feel like a hermit lately. I walk into one building only to walk right out of it at the end of the day and head right home. It just has been so hard being with it being so dark out. Ick. I think that after a while it just kind of starts to affect you. You start to feel a little drone-like going from one place to another. Blahhhhh. But I am so excited that we are finally into summer and that it should turn around soon. Hopefully. I wish you all a happy day!


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