Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Kind of Living

Okay. I think that if I ever got a chance to move to anywhere in the world and live my dream life I would move to Nantucket Island. I have been researching what I can about it and I have already fallen in love. Melissa over at the Inspired Room caught a lovely glimpse of seaside life from the latest Architectual Digest. Love it. I think you will too. Dare to dream! As long as there is a garden to play in and create and views of water like I have here living by Lake Superior I will be happy. It is very hard to take the water out of the girl. I need to be by water. I think I would die if I didn't. It sounds really silly. I kind of feel like a seasoned salt water captian when it comes to water. If I was torn away from it, something inside of me would be torn to. Kind of like Sara Plain and Tall who moves to the dry endless prairie from her seascape home back east. The lake here is soooo large that it really looks like a sea. It acts like one too. I don't know how I could be seperated from it unless I knew I was moving to somewhere that had water too. There.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I'm with you on the water thing. I lived in Minnesota as a young girl and then came out to the Northwest where we spent lots of time on boats and traveling through Puget Sound and Canada on water. And Portland has a river going right through it so, more water! I spent every summer swimming in lakes. Then, my family moved to a lake house so we could live on the water, and eventually bought a house right on the ocean. How could I live anywhere without views of beautiful expanses of water?

Kindred spirit!

Happy day,

Emily said...

Thanks Melissa! At least I am not a total goof! Where did you live when you were in Minnesota? We are the land of ten thousand lakes so you could have lived literally anywhere with water, just curious. Thanks for the post! It is nice having other kindred spirit out there!


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