Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm back. Gosh what a week its been. I got really sick with the worst cold I have ever had, thought that maybe I had contracted West Nile virus from some nasty squitos, and spent alot of time in bed, sleeping. So how are all of you? I hope you are doing better than I was. Sheesh.

So I have started my ceramics workshop course over the summer. I am thrilled. Finally I get a chance to create beautiful pots, bowls, cups and other stuff once I get the hang of it. I have already created three lovely bowls. They are gorgeous. I will hopefully be able to post the pictures soon. This weekend I am putting together a graduation party for my good friend. She never had an official high school graduation and now being married and a mother and just graduating from college she deserves one. So there I will be most of Saturday at her house! I am sooooo thrilled. I am making cookies for the event to. So hopefully this rain that WILL NEVER stop, will stop so that she can have a nice outdoor party like she has planned. So that is my life lately. I will fill you in when I get the next chance. Thanks for hanging in with me!


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