Thursday, May 1, 2008

Looking Forward to: Spring Fashions

It is still winter here in the Northland. Yes I did wince when I typed that. It is the first of May and the temperatures are still below average. This weekend it is going to snow so, yippee! Gosh. So to brighten my moods about all the impending weather I needed to think spring. Spring anything really. Today I found this adorable little cashmere dress on MSN. Isn't it adorable? Especially with a little wrap and some strappy heals. Hmm? That's what I thought too. I look really good in this cobalt blue color and if it wasn't so expensive I would peal open my little bank book and write a happy face next to the dollar sign. Any way it doesn't hurt to dream. Are any of you experiencing a late spring? Please tell me yes! I think I am so tired of this nastiness. So here's to spring!


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