Friday, April 25, 2008

Very Cold, Wet, Snowy Friday

I don't know if it is exactly a very happy Friday. The caption above tells it all. The cities to the south and north of us are getting upwards of 15 inches of snow! I can't believe it. Well when they say that May comes in like a lion they aren't kidding. It sure does around here any way. Gosh! Well, Mom is off on her two week escape to the wonderful Grenadine Islands to visit her family for two weeks. I dropped her off this morning at the shuttle taking her to Minneapolis. All three of us girls had little tears as we saw her go. She is a dear mother and we will miss her alot. She needs a break and the time away will be good for her. She needs some sunshine too! Poor thing! We all do, but hopefully she will bring it back with her. Well it is just us three girls now at home with little Lucy the dog. Poor little Lucy waits by the door for her Mommy too and we all look after her and smile. I will be keeping you updated as the two weeks go by. I will be having some pretty wonderful news to share as things progress along too about Scotland! Keep in touch!


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