Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flood Watch

Okay it is raining. Actually it is raining really hard. Four to 6 inches of rain is falling an hour. Thank goodness it isn't any colder and we would probably have another blizzard especially with all this wind we have been having. So today, I realized that I don't own an umbrella of my own. Oh my gosh what am I thinking!!! Not one anyway that fits into my purse. So on my way into Target today on my lunch break there she was little miss polka dot sitting by her lonesome. She is awefully cute and is only about five or so inches long. She fits snuggly in my purse and is there to comfort me on my very lonely rainy Midwest spring days. Yuck! We have a gentalmen visiting from the Czech Republic right now who is very curious about Duluth, Minnesota life. Well, the people around the area have been telling him for the last couple of months how beautiful our springs are. (They apparently have never spent a spring in Duluth, because they don't exist). Anyway the poor man is going, "You people don't have spring." Actually he is right. We don't. We have bitter winter then BANG summer. That's what makes it so hard on people. Any nice warm weather is really shortlived. Heck our growing season here in the Northwoods is 90 to 100 days. Not enough to make anything really. Sad. I still love living here though. Thank God I am used to such weather. I hear that Scotland is pretty much the same. Except for the fact that they rarely have winters that exceed below zero, stay mostly tempid in the summer around 65-70 degrees and rain most of the time. =) Ha, well.... here I come prepared!


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