Friday, March 14, 2008

Life on the Farm and More...

I love vintage anything. I grew up wishing to be born in another time. Only because I understood it more and it understood me. One of my dreams some day is to acquire an old fashioned wood burning stove. My best friend who used to live five miles away from me lived in a one room log home that was heated by their wood burning stove. She was one of four girls. She taught me how to milk cows, bind hay in the summer from their fields and make dandelion wine. Her mother was from Canada and grew up learning from her Menonite Grandmother some very old fashioned housekeeping. I loved every minute of it and spent alot of time over at their house. They drank fresh milk every day, made squeaky cheese (it is cheese that squeaks when you eat it) and had a root celler that would bring Martha Stewart's to shame. Well enough rambling. Any how, I just love this picture. There.


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