Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Friday: Spring On It's Way!

Hey there Happy Readers! Just wanted to let you know that spring has finally arrived in the Northland! I am happy to say that the Lake Superior Alder, a vessel used for breaking ice in the great Lake, was this past Tuesday out and about doing just that. She will be breaking ice in the harbor, the Superior channel and out in the Lake. This is really exciting news for all of us. It means that shipping season is going to be starting soon! Which means that the economy that has been slowed by our frozen Lake will once again be welcome to the home of Salty's (ocean going ships that come through the St. Lawrence Sea Way), ships from Wisconsin and Michigan barring taconite and various grains. Pretty cool stuff uh? Well here is a picture of the Alder pulled of from the Duluth Shipping News site (that is Duluth's sky line that you see right behind her. I live around the second little dip in the top right of the photo)and more information about the shipping economy if you are ever interested.


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