Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The First Thing I Ever Sewed... a yo-yo

I can remember the first time my Mother put a needle and fabric in my hand. It was baby blue fabric with small white polka dots on it. There was pink fabric just like it. I must have been six years old. She had all of these lovely little rounds of beatiful colors in front of me. How could I not be in awe? Since then I haven't sewed too many yo-yo's. Shameful, I know. Especially when they are so easy and so simple to tote along. But I must, the next time I have a day open to myself. Just myself, do some yo-yo's.

Snow again....Gosh it is just horrible really. It snowed this morning and and it is going to snow again this Saturday. Everyone is just really depressed about it. I love snow, don't get me wrong but this whole snow thing right now is not fun. Today has been our first sunny day in like the last week. I think we are all suffering from lack of sunshine is what it really is. Today we all had an emergency drill to see how fast we could all get out of the building. We all didn't want to go back inside because the sun was so glorious. We spent the time peeling back our sleeves on our shirts so that we could all get a little vitamin D while tilting back our faces and smiling at the sun. It was hilarious but so worth it. Then we all grumbled terribly when we had to go back in. Being that I work until six central standard time it can be really difficult. Even though it is light out when I leave work now I still have lost my entire day to looking at a computer screen and running to meetings and making sure everyone else is were they are supposed to be. I am not bitter. Just tired. Tomorrow I have to be here at 7:30 in the morning. Ughhhhhh..... Well I will see you all then!


Anonymous said...

Cupcakes are the yummest thing in the world!

Anonymous said...

Cupcakes are the best ever

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