Friday, February 8, 2008

Strange Appearances

Okay I can no longer hold it any longer! I just had to tell you guys what is going on. Okay there is this guy who works in one of the offices downstairs, Mitch is his name. This guy is kind of quirky in the way that he runs around with golf clubs and golf balls and always, always wears either a red polo shirt with white horizontal stripes or a white polo shirt with red horizontal stripes. I have never seen him in any other color or pattern. He either has a ton of both of those shirts or doesn't have any other shirts and just wears the two same ones every other day! I just can't get over it. Poor guy. I have noticed this ever since he started working about three months ago but just thought that it was my imagination. Well it isn't and my eyes aren't lying. Wow.... Do you have acquaintences and or coworkers that you notice dress or act a little out-of-the-ordinary?


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