Friday, February 8, 2008

Craving: Vodka Sauce Pasta

Now before any of you get any thoughts in your head, no I do not drink vodka. Actually and quite honestly I don't drink at all and have never felt the urge to satisfy some adolescent yearning to get drunk or look stylish twirling an umbrella in a margarita. Drinking just isn't for me. However, my Mother, the master baker and chef extraordinaire uses vodka, rum, and brandy to highlight some of her very popular Caribbean and Mediterranean dishes. One of my favorites is her marinara Vodka sauce that we serve over bow tie pasta. The vodka at the end of the cooking phase is completely burnt off leaving a subtle hint of tang that lends wonderfully to the marinara. So if you would like to try some Vodka sauce of your own check out Emeril's line of tasty pasta sauces, one of them just happens to be Vodka sauce!


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