Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Round-Up: Sunshine!

Wow did this weekend go fast! No sooner did I start home on Friday afternoon and I was headed back to work again Monday morning. We didn't get out to go to the two restuarants I mentioned earlier either. After I got home it seems that everyone had had quite a rough day and just wanted to slide into some pj's and watch a movie by the fire. I did however have quite a fun time at the Pampered Chef party at my girlfriend's new house and ordered three things. This, this, and this. Domestic bliss is mine!

Apart from all that fun the weather was sooo beautiful! The temperature flirted with 30 degrees the wind was inviting although it was a little cool and the sun shown for all to see. It was heaven! I only wish you could have been here to experience it yourself. Sunshine. There isn't anything quite like it!

I also got the chance to help my sister make some delicious and tantalizing ginger cookies from our bakery and helped my mother yesterday make some Thomas the Tank Engine cookies for my little cousins 3rd birthday. It was a blast but my thumb and pointerfinger are going to be permanently colored black for a loooooong time. There is just no getting rid of it. Awe the joy of baking!


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