Monday, January 28, 2008

Craving: Magnolia Cupcakes

I am a cupcake girl. Just so you know. I love cupcakes! I don't know if it is their pint size, pretty colors and delicious tastes or if it is just my fascination with everything small. But I wish more than anything that I could hop on over to Magnolia Bakery's new location and try some myself. I heard that they are decadent treats worth the stop. Has anyone here on this blog been fortunate enough to sample a Magnolia cupcake? If you have I would love to hear from you!


Micke said...

I have a craving for Magnolia cupcakes right now!!! And I stumbled upon your blog while trying to find out if I could have them shipped to Canada!!
They are the most amazing cupcakes I have ever tasted. Honestly I have never tasted anything better. I went to magnolias five times last year!! Almost everytime I was there, the line up was around the block!!!
Anyways, my friend has the cook book and he said he has made some pretty awesome cupcakes from it. So if you cant get to NYC to should deff buy the cookbook!!!
mmm....writing this has only made my craving more strong!!

Emily said...

I know I feel like I am soooo missing out! I would love to try Magnolia's cupcakes. Well, maybe one of these days when I get released from the strong grip of the Midwest I will be able to try some. Thank you for visiting!

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