Friday, October 26, 2007

Loving: Pushing Daisies

So yes I have found my new all-time favorite show. It is corny and I love corny! I am actually really and truthfully the only one that makes it through the whole show still smiling and giggling. My sisters look at me with raised eyebrows and give me this look of so-sorry-you-are-so-sick look. I can't help myself! Like I said I like corny. I love little Chuck's 50 fashions, Ned's boy next door sweetness, and the whole Pie-maker theme. It reminds me of a Splenda commercial. All sugary, colorful, and kind of dreamy all the while being corny. Great. So if you all want to know what corny means definition follows:

Corny (adj cornier, corniest)
colloq:1. Said of a joke: old and stale.
Thesaurus: banal, clich├ęd, hackneyed, trite, commonplace, stale, feeble, platitudinous; Antonym: original, fresh, new.2. Embarrassingly old-fashioned or sentimental.3. Relating to or abounding in corn1.4. Relating to corn2.


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