Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Inspiration: Ladies Activity Club

I love EmilyStyle online. It is one of my favorite blogs to visit and she has so many wonderful ideas, one the Ladies Activity Club, that they have once a month. So if you have the chance check out http://emilystyle.blogspot.com/, it's pretty great.

Soooooooo... on my lovely long weekend I decided to host a Ginger Bread Decorating house party. Ohhhhh how exciting! So my lovely plan is to send each invitee to my house for an afternoon of childhood bliss. Who doesn't remember decorating a ginger bread house with family at some time or another? Well I remember it well and so my date is Saturday, December 15th at 4:00 p.m. I will be sending out a homemade invitation, a brown gingerbread house. Then as every lady comes through the door and gets settled they will each receive a handmade apron. I will then have our table full of glass bowls with candy and bags of icing ready. I have planned on having a hot chocolate, coffee, and hot cider bar with Christmas cookies and h'orderves for refreshments. I will than have lovely holiday music playing in the background. After we are done decorating our homes I will have all of the ladies commence to the drawing room where me and my sisters will take out our instruments and play Christmas carols for the group. While this is going on I will go back into the kitchen and package up every house in lovely clear plastic, finish it off with a bow and attach a card with their name on it so that they will have forever.

I came up with this idea after considering that most of my friends have just become engaged or married and I thought that this would be a great way to stay in contact and also bring something back home with them that they can use to decorate for Christmas.


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