Wednesday, July 11, 2007

du Lhut!

Hey did you call me? Duluth, Minnesota got its name from explorer Sieur du Lhut who along with Daniel Greysolon, two French men and the Sioux and Ojibway tribes worked together to get Duluth up and running. Sieur du Lhut is the namesake of "Duluth" hence "du Lhut". Actually if you spend enough time here in Duluth you will begin to understand why the name "du Lhut" sticks. When you hear natives say "Duluth" it really sounds very Scandanavian like "duh - loot" with a very faint "h" sound if any at the end. It is pretty funny. Northlanders will hate me by saying this but the motion picture "Fargo" really isn't that far off in terms of our accent. Sorry everyone!


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