Thursday, September 22, 2011

{hiatus over and an announcement}

Wow, I hadn't realized that it was over two months since I've actually blogged about anything. Alot has happened in the past two months and an update is in order! STAT! :-)

So why the big gap in time? Well I'll tell you and it was for good reason, yes sir's and ma'ams! ;-) Emily's Muse has a Mr. in her life and she is getting married this October 22nd. So now you know why I have been absent. No time to blog because I have been busy wedding planning. And what fun it is! Especially when you have such a fun and willing partner who has as much creative juices flowing in his handsome head as I thought I've ever had myself. So without further adieu, blogging is back in my life and so are the fun updates, adventures, recipes and now the addition of lovely love! YAY! Can't wait to keep you all in the loop.


P.S. Just one of the many projects underway. Jars of bumbleberry jam for wedding favors. Gosh, I sure do love my Instagram app!


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