Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{it's a celebration!!}

Life is, that is, and so is eating a Butterfinger candy bar for breakfast when you don't feel good. Maybe followed up with a couple of lonely jelly beans too... you know all that left over Easter candy. Yep. I still have some. Alot actually. You know how you keep all the undesirables to the very end? Why not just throw them out instead of eating them anyway? But you do... because if you didn't then that means sharing them with sisters who would get just silly showing you then their HUGE pile of candy and comparing to YOUR small batch now. It's a pride thing I think... in the Richardson household it is. =) LOL! Although... this year I had it on them.... I managed to still have WAY more candy then they did after it was all said and done. So I walk away the winner. Now they are begging ME for pieces. MMmmm... the agony of denying them. Oh well. =) ROFL!

So today... posting more sunny pictures because I need them. Walking Pneumonia is pretty nasty... and I'm just so tired. Yuck. But these perk me right up!

AhhhhDORABLE outfit. Sheesh! =)

Oh this is just sweet and homey. Love the country vibe!

You know you want them. You hate the idea but you really, REALLY want them. ;-)

Love that blue. So happy!

And this kitchen... simple but classy at the same time.

Every girl loves the idea of flowers in her hair. Peonies are my favorite!

A hip home office. I would love to be able to work from home some day!

Hot chocolate. It's a staple. =)

Haven't seen any butterflies yet but we do have some lovelies in Duluth!

This has got to be my most favorite picture EVER. A yellow Piano. Now that is one special gal. Mmm!


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