Saturday, February 12, 2011

{that sweet time of year}

Valentines Day is fastly approaching and I found some lovely last minute inspiration to get your juices flowing for some creative love-inspired ideas. Forget the chocolates and bow ties ladies and gents and try these on for size...

If you live in the upper Midwest like I do where there is still alot of snow, you'll want to take advantage of it because there are some great ideas to get cozy in the cold.


Try a romantic stroll through the woods with guided moonlight snow shoeing tours or if you are brave enough, a brisk jingle through the woods on a sleigh ride (just imagine Lara wrapped up in all those furs in the acclaimed film Dr. Zhivago).

Wet Your Appetite

Does the idea of trying out a new recipe or learning how to cook from the pros inspire you in your dreams of becoming your own chef? Well take your cues from the stars and sign up for a couples weekend at a bed and breakfast or if you are a little tight for cash make it special by calling ahead and setting up a time with a local chef in your area. Many are willing to make accomodations and would love to show you the ropes.

Remember the Music

Don't forget that area attractions in your neighborhood or a short drive away are well worth it. Event planners and entertainers are announcing all the new spring shows and delights. Duluth for example has Blake Shelton coming to the Amsoil Arena February 26th. And take advantage of discounts and coupons. You may be depressed by the idea of things already being sold out but, make a call and check it out. Most places sell their less then desirable seats at decent prices and even though the veiw may be less then spectacular just think of all that alone time you'll get away from spying eyes. Kinda nice. Oh and for those college students out there... don't forget to mention your student status. Alot of places give you great discounts just by seeing your university ID. Now THAT is pretty cool.


Pat yourself on the back. Seriously. There's probably nothing more discouraging then seeing your friends running around with dates or their significant others. So make a date with yourself. Sound silly? It's not. Think of it as a time you make with yourself to explore the passions that will bring excitement and allure to the future special person that comes your way. No bitter apples here. Be confident in your singleness. There is nothing to be ashamed of and honestly, there is nothing more beautiful then a confident woman secure in the gifts and talents that God gave her. You shine girl! And keep dreaming of your special someone... HE IS OUT THERE!

Happy weekend!


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