Monday, January 31, 2011

{comin' around the mountain when she comes...}

Whenever I heard that song as a kid I'd would envision this brawly woman in a huge cart rowling around a mountain, hair flying behind her, cracking the whip (sorry if I've ruined your vision of a fair maiden). Anyway, I had this vision of this lady rowling around the mountain today and the song echoing in my head and I couldn't stop feeling that for a split moment I was her. Really her. The crazy hair blowing in the wind, the white steeds barreling down the steep gravely grade and the cart bouncing crazily about. How come? Well, when things are a bit crazy I can't help laughing at that thought, and it keeps me humble and ready to roll up my sleeves like I think the mountain woman would.... and attack the problem.

But today, I smoothed my sleeves back down and pulled the hair aside and calmed the horsies down inside. I think I have a bit of spring fever brewing. AND, thankfully for the promise of sunshine in the near future I will sun my little face and enjoy the peace of springy little thoughts.

There... I feel better. :-)


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